Vent d'ouest Klezmer Band

Vent D'ouest Klezmer Band

Vent d'Ouest Klezmer Band or art to become a Prophet in his own country and abroad!

Created in 2002 by the clarinetist of the passionate group of Brassens, Jazz Manouche, and Klezmer music.
The initial directory was very inspired by these three aesthetic project goes from success to success.
The direction Klezmer Fusion, and composition of Balkan inspiration sees agenda in 2009 thanks to a crew change.
First Album self-released of 4 tracks emerged in 2009, four standards of Jewish music of europe Central, revisited by the group to various influences.
In 2010 the group participates in the international Jewish Music Festival of Amsterdam which he returned with a price given by Mickaël Dorf programmer renamed New York responsible for the IJPA international Jewish Presenters Association.
In 2011 the group is the most programmed on the festival In a three concert in the Netherlands tour.
The band released its second album of eights titles which includes 4 standards rearranged and 4 Rodolphe Moutier compositions the accordionist of the group.
Since the settings are linked, which the most outstanding are twice the first part of les Yeux Noirs
The Concert of home of the Amsterdam Klezmer Band at the festival de Jazz de Châtellerault in 2013.
The group is not only a live band, multi-project management owes its genesis to the teachers of the group, indeed two of the musicians are holder of of, respectively clarinet and music current and therefore very concerned by the transmission.
The Group has thus of multiple strings to his bow in order to discover this music so rich with color and emotion.
In 2013 - 2014
-A tour of 15 days in New Caledonia early October
-The third CD release
-A school project on the town of Flers
Projects already implemented:
-The humorous and participatory concert show project
-The project VOKB and harmonies, two parts common to the directory and the ability to advise the harmonies on other parts of the market.
-Ambulatory project four happy Janet whose sole purpose is to draw smiles during their visit, to exchange with the public.
-School projects 3 to date supported and welcomed by the DRAC de Basse-Normandie and the FAR, network of current music in lower Normandy.
-A project with choir to break out of the traditional accompaniment of the piano.
-Current 2013 - 2014 an internship project music and dance under development.
-The Group also has the expertise to organize master class within artistic educational institutions and projects around the nomadic music in the broadest sense.