Passionate about music, pedagogy and personal development.

I started the clarinet at the age of 13 at the school of music of Alençon.

I am also very quickly passion for French chanson, Georges Brassens lyrics and melodies, and many others.

I'm currently working at the Conservatory in radiation Department of Alençon or I teach clarinet.

I also teach the saxophone and the clarinet:
at the school of music and the Brooklyn dance
(Antenna of Mamers)
at the school of music dance and Theatre of the high Alpes Mancelles Sarthe
(Antenna of Fresnay in Sarthe)

I am the owner of the clarinet diploma obtained in in-service training at the C.E.F.E.D.E.M of Normandy (2004)

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I am currently working on a
Interactive Digital method free and open
(Continuous improvement)