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Managed Services

From the idea to the realization of it

Organization of training courses
Organization of Master Class
Arrangement at the request
Managing a portfolio of contacts
Commission communication on social networks, and other
Council operating tools simple and easily maintainable
Project engineering
Market research
Computer training
Création de site internet

I work in a network with more than 50 professionals of the trades of the shows, musicians, arrangers, home studio, studio pro, sound system, lights, special events, stage managers, sound engineer, accommodation, responsible for dissemination.
Professionals met with whom I weaves a network of shared competences.


-3 Records of school shows, search for financing, directory, thread.
-Organization and development of the Vent d'ouest Klezmer Band 20 to 25 group Dates per year for 4 years.
-Search by date (Booking, load distribution) for bands that I want to develop.
-Sharing network.
-Research of instrumental training for events according to specification.
-Work to a client database for groups
-Advice on the interest and the management of internet communication tools, gmail, facebook, myspace, twitter etc...
-Development and animation of a module history of arts in high school, history of classical and Jazz music.
-Development and animation of two conferences around Balkan music in conservatories.